What Is Boondocking?

What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking is an American term that many people from other parts of the world don’t know the meaning of. It is basically the practice of leaving the highway to stay overnight at free locations with your car, RV, Winnebago, caravan or campervan that have limited, or zero facilities like toilets, showers, power hookups, garbage bins, etc. It is a great way to explore large parts of the country on a budget. Some people even save up so they can take a year off work to visit every state in the USA. Others make the practice a permanent lifestyle choice.

For the best experience when Boondocking (aka dry camping) on vacation, you need to rent a motorhome that has onboard water tanks, solar panels, batteries and an invertor. The great thing about “dry camping” is that you can go to more remote locations and you can save money on campsite fees. In New Zealand, for example, many tourists go boondocking in an RV as there are lots of free public camping sites with zero, or occasionally limited, amenities. With the right type of equipment on board for freedom camping, you don’t need to stay at sites that have water hookups and power hookups.

It’s important to know that boondocking is not legal in all locations. In Canada, for example, campers are only allowed to set up in designated campgrounds or campsites. Meanwhile, in the USA, you can find documentaries that feature people who boondock between Walmarts. In fact, in the US, Walmart is one of a limited number of retails that allows overnight stays in their parking lots.

If you don’t have the right equipment, boondocking can be dangerous. Adequate water supplies are vital if you are going to remote locations. You should also avoid urban area, where crime rates can be high. While RV crime is not common, tourists, especially lone tourists, need to be vigilant of their personal safety when sleeping in unregulated places.

If you looking for some budget vacation ideas for 2020, it’s definitely worth learning more about boondocking or freedom camping. New Zealand is perhaps one of the best places to go freedom camping and there are lots of motorhome rental companies in the country that provide fully-equipped freedom camping campervans and motorhomes to international tourists. You can even find many luxury motorhomes with AC, satellite TV, cooking facilities, and queen-sized island beds for hire at affordable prices in the country.

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